VICTORIA – Virtual Contact Center and Rich Interactive Applications

10 Giugno 2010

VICTORIA is intended to dramatically ease the whole process necessary to set up a telco 2.0 service, suitable for landline, 1st generation mobile phones and smarthpones. Indeed VICTORIA will accomplish two main tasks:

  1. On one hand, VICTORIA will enable application developers to more easily develop, manage and publish different telephone solutions thanks to a web-based graphic drag and drop application builder and a management server that provides versioning, logging and dynamic code generation.
  2. On the other, VICTORIA will enable customers to quickly buy and pay for what they need thanks to an on-line billing and provisioning engine that manages credit card and bank transfer.

VICTORIA will offer a unified on-line tool for both the development and acquisition phase of telco 2.0 services: not only the design and coding time today necessary to create new applications will be radically shortened, but also the purchase process will be reduced and streamlined requiring only a few clicks.

Presentazione completa di VICTORIA